Perumpallam Odai Renovation and Modernization project

Development of Perumpallam Odai in Erode City Municipal Corporation at a cost of Rs. 200.71 Crores.

Perumpallam Odai

Perumpallam Odai starts from Kadirampatty village and flows via Nanjanapuram village, Erode City Municipal Corporation (Thindal, Sengodampalayam, Surampatti and Erode old town, Peelamedu and Vendipalayam) and finally merges with River Cauvery. The total length of the drain is about 12.15km of which 7km is through the heart of the old town with width varying from 6m to 71m. The elevation of Perumpallam odai varies from 199m at Sembampalayam in Kadirampatty village to 147m at the Cauvery River in Vendipalayam village.

Objective of the Project

To develop the Perumpallam Odai, considering the technical, financial, environmental and social aspects.

Need for Project

Perumpallam Odai, which was once an asset to town has now become an “Urban Sink” in the town as most parts of the town discharges sewage and solid waste into it. During Site visit, it was observed that there was no flow in the drain from Sembampalayam Bridge upto Thindal Village. Perumpallam Odai collects some sullage and textile finishing wastes from Veerapanchatram lying upstream of Erode. On its course through Erode town, the existing storm water drainage system, drains the flood water during rainy season. Perumpallam Odai is the one of the arterial drain through which the runoff from the surrounding area of Erode town has to be finally discharged into the Cauvery River. In the early reaches of the odai, water keeps seeping in from the LBP canal. When it flows past Sengodampalayam, some quantities of effluent from various textile industries are getting mixed with the flow. Further in Erode old town, sewage and wastewater from the Corporation area is flowing into the odai in large volumes. All the filthy water flowing in the stream finally finds its way into the Cauvery River.

This drain carries large quantity of sewage and untreated effluents from various textile industries situated along its banks. Lots of encroachments by human settlements with huts / temporary structures along the banks have sprung up over a period of time, throttling the Odai and causing obstruction to the free flow of this wastewater. The uneven cross sections of the drain retard the free flow and forms stagnated sewage pools during dry weather flow conditions. Its consequent decomposition gives rise to harmful obnoxious odour. Due to this, the drain has not only lost its beauty and performance, but also has become a source of nuisance for good sanitation and better environment.

Project Components

The following are the proposals made for development of Perumpallam Odai:

  1. To cope up with flood discharge, it is proposed to develop the carrying capacity of Perumpallam Odai by regrading and desilting.
  2. To avoid flanking of flood water, it is proposed to construct the RCC lining and retaining wall on the sides of the designed odai section with RCC on both banks from Chainage 0m to 11.70Km.
  3. To avoid blocking of sullage in the low level causeways and bridges, it is proposed to construct two numbers of bridges with suitable vent ways.
  4. To have easy access to the habitats on both sides, Erode City Municipal Corporation is having a proposal in the Master Plan to construct a new bridge at Ashokapuri area near Periyar Nagar ‘E’ block to Karimedu that is integrated.
  5. Provide landscaping in selected total area of 0.51 hectares including water arrangement.
  6. Provide continuous Bitumen Tar road (2.40 Km length) on bank by gap filling.
  7. Provide lighting using solar light panels in selected areas.
  8. Providing retro reflective sign boards at selected locations (44 nos.)
  9. Provide chain link fencing on sides of the odai on sides of the odai and also at landscaping area to avoid garbage dumping.
  10. Procurement of Desilting Machinery (Kam Avida) for O&M purpose.

Outcome of Projects

When the Perumpallam Odai is developed as proposed above, the following benefits are being expected:

  1. The development measures will give flood protection to the inhabitants living in the nearby areas.
  2. The improvement measures will greatly increase the health and hygienic condition of Erode city residents.
  3. The improvement measures will give face lift to the growing Erode City.
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The project will be completed on March -2023.