Modernisation of LBP Canal system

Objective of Extension, Renovation and Modernisation of Lower Bhavani Canal


Effective Water Utilization and Conservancy Strategies on the Command Area will result of increase in productivity.

Avoiding Leakages

To Avoid leakages and breaches.

Command Area

To Provide Total Cultivable command area with the Right quantum of water at the Right Time.

Canal Structure strength

To Improve the Strength and Stability of Canal structures with Extended Life.

Dam Total Length

8.76 km

Earthen Dam Length

8.30 km

Masonry Dam Length

0.46 km

Dam Height

120 Ft

Dam Capacity

32,800 Mcft

Water Spread Area

30 Sq.Mlie ( 77.69 Sq.Km)

Main Canal Length

124 / 2 / 560 Mile ( 200 Km )

Distributory Canal – Length

450 Mile ( 720 Km )

Distributory Canal - Numbers

75 Nos.

Cross Masonry Structures

192 Nos.

Direct Sluices - Numbers

115 Nos.

Main Canal Discharge

2300 Cusecs

Crop Types

Wet Crops - Paddy, Sugarcane, Plantain, Turmeric, Coconut Trees…

Dry Crops - Groundnut, Maize, Sesame…

Present Scenario

Working Period 1-5-2022 to 15-8-2022.

To Construct Retaining in the Vulnerable Embankments in LBP Main Canal.

To Provide Lining in the Branches and Distributories.

To carryout Repairs and Reconstruction of Sluices, Cross Masonry and Cross drainage Works.

Standardizing the Banks of the canal throughout the Entire Length.